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Geography Society


September saw the re-launch of ‘GeogSoc’ Geography Society every Friday morning at 8.15am in G3. We began the year by practicing for the Local WorldWise Quiz, run by the Geographical Association in November. We did practice quizzes and the 6 top scoring girls got the opportunity to compete for KEHS at Camp Hill School. There […]

KERB Radio Club


KERB RADIO CLUB, FRIDAY LUNCHTIMES IN THE RPAC So, what have we been doing recently? We have been asking people about what they think of new ideas in the school for example: We had interviewed some of the L4 about the new lunch system to find out what they thought about it We had interviewed […]



These 10 points are the main reasons why extra-curricular activities should be encouraged in the pursuit to become that “balanced girl”. 1. Harness Talent • Everyone has talent in something • In hibernation – wake it up • Take chances, grab opportunities, try as much as you can • Find your niche/forte • Discover and learn […]

Junior Debating Club


In Junior Debating we discuss motions like Should More Females Be Given Managerial Quotas? The teacher, Miss Plant, then splits us in groups and says whether we are debating for or against the motion. The different groups go into separate rooms and merge ideas together into one speech and then announce the speech altogether. It […]

Football Club


Football club is run by outside expertise, but because of the the relaxed atmosphere, club/squad members simply refer to her as coach The club takes place on Tuesday and FRiday Lunch times, on the school field. The relaxed atmosphere draws people to come and have a good time. What goes on in the club… The […]

Textiles Club

50-textiles crop

I have just started going to Textiles Club which is great fun! Over the past few weeks at the club, we have been working on a knitting project. Our aim is to cover something in knitting (yarn bombing)- possibly a tree- and finish it in a few weeks. I started this club because my best […]



Ever since I started Kehs in year 7, I have always had an extreme passion for acting and drama. When I was made aware of the wonderful services provided at the school for Speech and Drama classes, I was genuinely thrilled. I signed up straightaway and went to my first class. It did not let […]

Solomon Akhtar Visits KES & KEHS


Anyone who has watched last year’s apprentice will definitely know who Solomon Akhtar is – with his comical nature on the show and charming personality, KES & KEHS were both looking forward to meet the infamous apprentice candidate, who went very far in the competition, managing to reach Sir Alan Sugar’s final five. On Wednesday […]

KEHS Mock Election Results 2015


After a term of campaigning that included informative assemblies, holding a party, singing, posters up round school, email bombardments, a question time debate and giving out free cake, Tuesday saw the end of the 2015 KEHS Mock Election. With 436 votes cast we had a turnout of around 70% of the school which was a […]

Poetry By Connie Sheeran


L5th student Connie Sheeran has produced some excellent performance poetry from her attendance at the Performance Poetry Club on Fridays from 3:40 – 4:40pm. We are very pleased to share some of her poems below and hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have. 1. To those drifting clouds we shook in Silvered […]

Stage Crew

stage crew

On a Friday afternoon, girls in 6th form have the opportunity to participate in Stage Crew as one of the options for Friday Blocks, where they can become involved with a number of departments such as Scenic Art, Props, Costume, Lighting, Construction, Publicity and Stage Management. The department I’m in (which, in my opinion, is […]

The Junior Production 2014

great set pic

After finding out that that I had got the part, the Grand High Witch in ‘The Witches’ I was both ecstatic and petrified. I knew I would have to attend late night rehearsals and give up certain lunchtimes and weekends to learn my lines and perfect the role. But that’s part of the reason why […]

Shakespeare Society Here at KEHS


Shakespeare has had around thirty eight to forty plays attributed to his pen. Alongside this, he was a prolific writer of poetry; his collection of one hundred and fifty four sonnets is testament to this, along with several pieces of longer poetry. In order to try and extend the knowledge of all of Shakespeare’s plays […]

Why do DofE?


Most people’s first response is something tiresomely predictable along the lines of “It looks great on your CV, why else?” or “Trust me, future employers will definitely take notice of that kind of thing” and even “Well don’t you want to go to university?” as if somehow your entire academic and occupational future is dependant […]

Choir at KEHS


As an avid singer, I have always been excited, and inspired by the music scene at KEHS. Over the years I have been in just about every choir that this school has to offer: Junior Choir, Chamber Choir, Choral Society and various, student lead, pop choirs along the way. I cannot fully express what these […]

Drama & Dance at KEHS

King Edward-Girls-08-05-2012-0113

The Drama department at KEHS is vast, and there is a huge range of activities for people of all levels of interest and ability, from 3rds through to the U6th. I came to KEHS already having a keen interest in drama and acting, and it has been an excellent place for me to pursue my […]

Sport at KEHS


The first thing that struck me when I came to KEHS was the range of facilities that we have here. We have recently had our gym renovated and extended as well as our swimming pool and sports hall. We also have hockey pitches, netball and tennis courts, gymnastics apparatus and more. By having access to […]

Enrichment at KEHS


Extra-Curricular activities at KEHS form a vital part of the school’s structure; they are seen as incredibly beneficial to girls in terms of personal development, building relationships, enriching their intellectual life and the opportunity to practise a skill which they enjoy. Over 60 extra-curricular activities are offered at KEHS each week. Activities here are extremely […]