Romeo and Juliet Ballet at the Hippodrome

The ballet of Romeo and Juliet was a once in a lifetime experience. The costumes and level of skill the dancers had were impeccable.The dancing was sublime and the emotion put forward through the performance made me feel as if I was there it gave a sense of relation to the viewer. The fact that the play was silent made it a challenge to understand but if you know the tragedy then, it was almost as if they were explaining what they were doing through dance and set.

There were two different sets throughout the whole production, each elaborately detailed with carvings, portraits and windows. As the stage was rather congested throughout the first few scenes, the dancers were easily recognisable due to their colourful attire.Both Romeo and Juliet engaged in dances which showed their love and words were not necessary. The orchestra was the most interesting part, for me, as they played music to suit the mood of the current scenes.When Romeo heard of Juliet’s death the music was sombre and solemn but there were occasional outbursts of loud crescendos to show his anger.There were many musical features in the ballet including a range of dynamics and tempos changing to fit the mood.The music was thickly textured and all the musicians were very skilled at playing together in harmony without overpowering one another.Overall, the ballet was an experience that I will never forget.

Sonali L4K


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