Romeo and Juliet Ballet at the Hippodrome

On Thursday the 25th February, the Lower 4th got the chance to see the Birmingham Royal Ballet of Romeo and Juliet. The ballet started at the marketplace where it told the story of the Capulets’ and Montagues’ ongoing feud breaking out again and how they were warned by Prince Escalus to not disrupt the peace. Through the medium of dance, the ballet shows the love between Romeo and Juliet and the hardship that they faced trying to make their love possible.

The music during the ballet added to the overall atmosphere of the performance greatly. It ran throughout the ballet and created a playful atmosphere when the storyline was playful and a tense atmosphere when the storyline was tense. An entire orchestra was used to play the music for the ballet, and each instrument was used with purpose, contributing to the performance as a whole.

The ballet had a few main settings: In the marketplace, Friar Laurence’s cell, Juliet’s balcony, and Juliet’s bedroom. Each setting had intricate detail added to it- like statues and ornaments to give the feeling of authenticity in the ballet. They were all used wisely and cleverly implemented with the lighting also contributing to the feel of the settings.  The transitions between these settings were smooth, quick and seamless.

Although all these factors, made the ballet better, by far, the main attraction of the performance was the dancing. The ballet dancers danced gracefully; with poise and elegance. They were all incredibly nimble and moved lithely from one move to another. Lifts in the ballet were very smooth and effortless. The dancers playing Romeo and Juliet were especially good and the costumes of all characters were well thought out- they helped bring us back in time to when Romeo and Juliet took place.

Overall, the ballet was a spectacular performance and hugely enjoyable.


Jyotsana L4S

ROMEO and JULIET, English National Ballet_ Bristol Hippodrome; Juliet; Alina Cojocaru, Romeo; Isaac Hernández, Mercutio; Cesar Corrales, Benvolio; James Forbat, Tybalt; James Streeter, Rosaline; Alison McWhinney, Paris; Max Westwell,

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