Romeo and Juliet Ballet at the Hippodrome

On Thursday 25th February, the Lower Fourths went on a trip to the Hippodrome to see a Birmingham Royal Ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev. The dance was absolutely stunning, as was the scenery and obviously the music. The choreography was really well done so that even the sword fights happened in time to the music! Prokofiev’s most famous theme in the ballet was the Dance of the Knights  or Montagues and Capulets – the scene at the Capulets’ ball where the two feuding families dance. The music was very impressive and he used the lower brass section to create a deep menacing bass line, whilst the violins had to jump octaves and play very high to play the tune. The final scene in the Capulet family tomb was very moving and the Ballet had combined music and choreography to create a tragic and touching final chord. Overall, the trip was very enjoyable and I would definitely go again.


Ella Mason L4K


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