Geography Society

September saw the re-launch of ‘GeogSoc’ Geography Society every Friday morning at 8.15am in G3. We began the year by practicing for the Local WorldWise Quiz, run by the Geographical Association in November. We did practice quizzes and the 6 top scoring girls got the opportunity to compete for KEHS at Camp Hill School. There was fierce competition and although we did not win, a lot of fun was had by all. After the quiz was over for another year, we spent time playing geographical games, testing our knowledge of capitals and the border of countries, finishing with a geographical Christmas quiz on the last Friday before Christmas. We also made a volcano out of plaster and spent one morning making G3 smell very strongly of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, as we made it erupt! Now we have returned after Christmas, we are busy making ‘stop motion’ clips using the Geography department iPads. All the girls have chosen a geographical topic ranging from ‘Why we love Geography’ to ‘A journey around Europe’ and are using maps, play-doh and models to create their mini films. Later in the year we shall be having a Geography bake-off and in the summer term we shall be preparing for ‘Geography Awareness Week’ in June.

We welcome new members every week, so join us on Friday at 8.15am in G3 for biscuits and Geography!

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