Extra-curricular activities and examination results

Often parents and academic girls worry that extra-curricular activities can be time consuming and detract them away from their studies. Surely, they must only do more harm than good. Well the good news is that research by the Independent Schools Council (ISC) has found that YES those pupils who participate in several extra-curricular activities do perform better. A study of 508 independent schools found that the number of pupils getting GCSE grade B or above was linked to the number of extra-curricular activities on offer. The pupils in top performing schools took part on average in 50% more activities than those in weaker schools which confirms the conclusions that the ISC also supports in that extra-curricular activities were key to wider academic success.

The ISC research found that schools offering 30 or more activities were more likely to have nearly 100% of pupils achieving a grade B or above at GCSE level. Schools offering 20 activities saw just 30% of pupils achieving these results. The good news is that KEHS offers over 60 extra-curricular activities!

At Harrow (an independent boys school), the examination grades of the First cricket team have been closely followed due to the number of missed lessons when boys go out to play in matches. The school repeatedly found that the team

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