These 10 points are the main reasons why extra-curricular activities should be encouraged in the pursuit to become that “balanced girl”.

1. Harness Talent

• Everyone has talent in something

• In hibernation – wake it up

• Take chances, grab opportunities, try as much as you can

• Find your niche/forte

• Discover and learn your talents

• Identify strengths, weaknesses

• Discover a new you
2. All-round development

• People who are good at many things are preferred to those who can only do one correctly.

• Extra-curricular results in new skills and all round development

• Multi-faceted, versatile, independent

• You will be defined by many things
3. Raise your self esteem

• Many feel a sense of non-accomplishment if they have not stepped out.

• An empty mind is a lazy mind.

• Doing many things gives a sense of self-worth.

• Become more aware, and acquire more exposure, improving knowledge and experienced for life.
4. Develop soft skills

• Multi-tasking develops managerial skills that are life skills such as prioritisation, organisation, team work, leadership, time management, etc.

• Being exposed to extra-curricular makes the participant capable and strong to tackle new challenges.
5. Stress Busters

• Everyone can undergo stress through study.

• Apart from good sleep, extracurricular activities play a vital role in busting stress.

• They cool the mind down and help remove tensions.
6. Great social skills

• You may not get many friends just through academics.

• When you step out, you will meet new people, and discover common interests, which is when you bond.

• Group activities help you make new friends, and a sense of attachment/ belonging.
7. Creative juices

• Curiosity, thinking out of the box and creativity are inborn. But they can be developed and just need the right environment.

• It can be nurtured, and activities help that.

• Participation opens new doors, thinking changes you and you begin to do things more creatively.
8. Activeness – on the move

• Being active from a young age will bring numerous health benefits in later life

• Improves energy levels, mental alertness.

• Helps break mundane routine, and improves enthusiasm.
9. Because you can do it

• Lots of research shows that women are better at multi-tasking than men!

• Numerous tests back this up

• Common joke amongst the genders – all in jest of course

• But it should be good proof that you have the ability to do more, be busy and be great at it
10. Looks good on the CV

• In a tougher University and job market, the CV needs to show more than just academic

achievement. Check out my previous blog on universities and extra-curricular!

• They look beyond the grades! How accomplished you are will often be judged on all round criterion.

• So be versatile

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