Football Club

Football club is run by outside expertise, but because of the the relaxed atmosphere, club/squad members simply refer to her as coach

The club takes place on Tuesday and FRiday Lunch times, on the school field. The relaxed atmosphere draws people to come and have a good time.

What goes on in the club…

The members arrive at the club at about 1.10pm. We sometimes get out equipment, if coach has not yet arrived. We then just play around with the balls, before training actually starts.

First off all, we either do training or fitness, a series of running, jogging, and all round muscle building. We are not stressed to anything, although we are encouraged. We then play a match, while coach referees, and sometimes stops us to give us some tips.

if it is raining, or we are unable to go outside, we do a classroom session, working on our positions.


I was drawn to football club, because of my sheer love of the sport. However, i was prepared to leave if i didn’t enjoy it. However, i am still a current and active member, and enjoying it too…


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