Ever since I started Kehs in year 7, I have always had an extreme passion for acting and drama. When I was made aware of the wonderful services provided at the school for Speech and Drama classes, I was genuinely thrilled. I signed up straightaway and went to my first class. It did not let me down and I was extremely happy that there was something I could do that brought me pleasure and also pushed me to achieve grades. I managed to do grade 3 in year 7 and have just recently taken my grade 5 acting exam. Although exams are nerve wrecking and hard, after taking the exams I felt as if I had accomplished something very important to me. I usually have my Lamda lessons at lunchtimes, which is very good because this enables me to clear my mind and have an enjoyable break from the normal school life. I personally recommend taking Speech and Drama classes if you enjoy performing in front of people or even if you have a passion for it because I honestly think it is one of the most entertaining and interesting things I do and I always look forward to my lessons!

By Jaahnavi Sikand U4E

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