KEHS Mock Election Results 2015

After a term of campaigning that included informative assemblies, holding a party, singing, posters up round school, email bombardments, a question time debate and giving out free cake, Tuesday saw the end of the 2015 KEHS Mock Election.

With 436 votes cast we had a turnout of around 70% of the school which was a fantastic turnout compared to turnout at the last general election 65%.

Before we announce the winner we would like to put our election into context. The voting was exceptionally close with only eleven votes between 1st Place and 3rd Place. In a real election a party would have to gain 2/3 of the votes in order to become the new government. In the case that no single party has a 2/3 majority, they can combine their votes with another party so that the votes of both parties make a 2/3 majority and this is called a coalition (which is what we have now).

However, the voting was so close in our election that no two party’s’ votes combined could form a 2/3 majority and if this happened in real life another election would take place. As fantastic as this would be, we unfortunately do not have time and so the winner has been based on who had the most votes.

So on to the awards….

Politics Society has awarded the following awards which they decided before the votes were counted and were based on the campaigns within school:

  1. Best Assembly: The Labour Party
  2. Best Speaker at KEHS Question Time: Connie Sheeran of UKIP
  3. Overall Best Candidate: Charlotte Poole of the Liberal Democrats Overall Best Campaign: The Liberal Democrats

And now for the big result….

The Overall winners of the KEHS Mock Election 2015 are… THE GREEN PARTY and candidate Laura Henderson-Child delivered her victory speech?

Thank you tremendously to Anumita Baghchi of the Freewill Party and Eleanor Bartram of the Conservative Party for all their hard work too!

Thank you to all the organisers of this – Kitty, Harjas, Kannika, LuLu, Leenah, JuJu, Duwa and Zahrah from the Politics Society for their massive contribution and Mrs Shore-Nye, Miss Plant, Ms Britton and last but not least Mrs Sangha for all their effort and support in making this election happen.

Please don’t think that the election ends here! The real election is still ongoing and the campaigns will really heat up over Easter so please keep watching the news and following what’s going on!

Remember it’s your country so have your say!

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