Joint KES/KEHS Politics Venture – Model United Nations (MUN) by Shruthi Rayen L6th

This year Model United Nations has been brought to KEHS for the first time. MUN is a simulation of the United Nations (UN) conferences, also seen as an educational competition where students learn about international relations, diplomacy and the UN itself.

This three-day conference to Bath with KES involves a myriad of skills ranging from public speaking, debating, research and writing skills, coupled with teamwork, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Seven girls from the L6 and U5 were chosen to represent El Salvador (which many of us had never even heard of before!) at the Bath International MUN conference; Kitty Cattel, Shreya Anil, Ritika More, Shivali Pathak, Shruthi Rayen, Emily Harrison and Florence Goodrham.

In the weeks leading up to the conference the team along with the help of KES gathered information on El Salvador, writing resolutions for their chosen committees to be debated. After much panic on the coach journey there it was a relief to see that there really was nothing to be afraid of. (Apart from Russia suggesting to nuke the entire world to prevent the spread of Ebola.)

Over the course of the three days the team accomplished numerous things, from being able to debate confidently on world issues and having resolutions passed, to a pizza party, tense paranoia games on the coach, the founding of future rap stars, TGI Fridays, and an historic bowling competition. Despite the nerves at the start of the trip it is fair to say the whole team are looking forward to doing it all again, as it was an unforgettable experience.

The next conferences in July and October seem too far away, so I would highly recommend that if you’re interested in International Relations and Politics do come along to MUN!

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